Sober Camel Medallions

Sober Camel Medallions

More than just Recovery Medallions
Veterans Recovery Medallions

Sober Camel has gifts supporting all kinds of self-help programs and groups including recovery groups, veterans recovery groups, drug courts, rehab centers and a multitude of organizations such as schools and churches and individuals that help others better themselves.

We carry traditional AA medallions as well as rehab coins, drug court coins and other tokens carrying messages of hope both religious and secular. Custom medallions available.

In addition to medallions we carry recovery books, greeting cards and more.

Veterans Recovery Medallions

Sober Camel has been providing Veterans Recovery Medallions to Veterans Sobriety Groups since 1997

VVeterans in Recovery Medallions
We have inspirational medallions for every type of program. AA Groups, secular courts and Rehab centers find the coins they are looking for from Sober Camel..

We have a large inventory of Sober Medallions in stock and ready to ship.



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